Gold's Gym


John Grimek: The Glow that never Failed

by David Chapman

Vince's Gym

by Ira Rifkin, IronMan magazine

Hoffman vs Weider

Support the A.A.U.

By Bob Hoffman, Strength & Health, September, 1948, Editorial

Much Ado About Mr.U...

By Bob Hoffman, Strength & Health, January 1957

Let Me Tell You a Fairy Tail

by Harry Paschall, editor Strength & Health

More Hoffman vs Weider


Birds of a Feather, editorial

By Bob Hoffman, Strength & Health, June 1958

Mr America

The Mr America Contest: A Brief Background

by David Chapman

Measurements of the first 15 Mr Americas

Judging a Physique Contest, New AAU rules

By Bob Hoffman, Strength & Health, May 1957

Is the Mr. America Contest an Athletic Event?

by Peary Rader, IronMan, August - September 1964

Mr Universe


Statistics of those competing in the Professional and Amateur NABBA Universe

Muscle Beach

The Truth about Muscle Beach

Strength & Health, December 1957

Anabolic Steroids: "Roid Madness"

The Truth About Tissue Drugs

by Jon Twichell, Research Editor, Weider's Muscle Builder, June-July, 1963

Tissue Building Drugs

by Carl Richford, IronMan Vol 23 No 6, September 1964

Steroids Good or Bad ?

by Jackson Bowling, Muscular Developement, Sept, 1968

The Question of Steroids

by Bruce Page, IronMan Vol 29 No 1, November 1969

Can A Non-Steroid User Compete Today?

by Joe Gallucci, IronMan Vol 33, No 1, November 1973

Anabolic Steroids: The Case of the Misinformed

by Donald Macchia, Ph.D., Muscular Developement, Jan-Feb, 1976


Muscle Builder, June 1961

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