Stregth & Health, July 1957, p 64.

To the editor:

I would like tan explanation about several items in recent Muscle Mags. One of them is aboug George Eiferman, who said he had gone over to Weedy. I undertand he use to recommend York methods and that he often trained at York. Why does such a man change his mind and let down the fellows at York with whom he trained ? It seems to me that Eiferman changes sides about as often as he changes his shirt, and maybe oftener.

And how about them claiming that John Grimek Used their system, and how about him calling Unnatural Exercises bad, and then posing for pictures doing them ?

What I would like to see is a story telling us all about all these things and why they happen. Why do these big musclemen praise York for a while and then desert to Weedy ? How about letting the TRUTH through to the public ?

Eldon Eicher
Atmore, Alabama

Editor's Note:

Our best advice to you is to take everything you read in the Musclhead Magazines with a grain of salt. George Eiferman is a good guy, but he mad the mistake of accepting money from Mr Wonderful, and consequently finds himself between the devil and the deep blue sea. You may note that a picture of George adorns our cover this month, which indicates that we still think quite well of him. And about JCG and the Unnatural Exercises, just turn the page and let John tell you all about this in his own words.

Stregth & Health, July 1957, p 66.

(caption under a photo)

WHO HE ? Joseph E Weider (Mr. Wonderful himself) sent us this picture bak in the golden days when he was a YORK pupil. On the bak of this photo (reprinted from our March 1946 issue) he proudly testified that he had gained from 105 lbs. to 163 lbs., in two years of YORK training. Since that time Mr Wonderful has blown himself up considerably with super-sonic "Cheating" (what an appropriate name!) methods. We don't care what he does with the additional flab he has put on in the past dozen years, but we would like to have those 58 pounds of solid YORK muscle back!

Stregth & Health, August, 1962, page 27

The Iron Grapvine

COMPETTIVE WEIGHTLIFTING, sensible bodybuilding, the A.A.U., and BOB HOFFMAN all won a double victory May 22nd when a U.S. District Court jury found BOB not guilty on a libel charge made against him by JOE WEIDER and then in a countersuit found JOE WEIDER guilty of conspiring to destroy BOB HORRMAN'S reputation by publishing untrue statements about BOB in Mr. Ameirca magazine. The jury further decided that WEIDER must pay $30,000.00 punitivie damages. This should prove once and for all that when the truth is on your side you have nothing to fear.