A brief Report on the Loss Angeles A.A.U. Show held May 24th past

Your Physique, vol 7 no 5, August 1947

The Pacific Coast weightlifting Championships and the "Mr. Pacific Coast" phsique contest were held last May 24th at the Embassy Auditiorium in Los Angeles. The Southern California Weightlifting Association staged theis greatest of all western amateur event which drew a capacity crowd of 1500 enthusiastic spectators.

The biggest mod ever assembled in Los Angeles for a Physical Culture show, applauded, cheered and gasped whenever Steve Reeves posed during the selection of Mr. Pacific Coast. The competition was terrific, but Steve out-glowed, out-shone, and "out-muscled" them all! This kid is sensational! Not only did he win the ocoveted title of Mr. Pacific Coast, but he won trophies for the best arms, trophies for the best chest, trophies for the best legs, plus that final huge torphy which is show in the flash-light shot taken of him back stage immediately after the show. This picture does not do him justice, for flash-light shots never do. however, I, personally, proclaim him to be the finest specimen of American Manhood I have ever seen in a kdi of his years. At present writing, I do not know his exact measurements, but you'll soon see them, together with goo photographs of him, in forth-coming issues.

He hasn't a single weak spot in his make-up. Each adn every one of his marvelous muscles is as perfectly developed and as large as any eye would care to see, and he represents the perfect ideal for every body-building enthusiast to desire. Over six feet in height, well over 200 pounds in weight, quick as a cat in movement, high-strung and dramatic and a natural showman, enthusiastic and vivacious as a powerful youth could ever be, and with a vibrating happy personality that fairly radiates tremendous vitality and force. Such were my impressions as I stood a few feet from him while the photgraph was taken.

Competing against him were such mighty muscle men as Eric Pedersen with his 18 inch arms and massive deltoids and 200 lbs. of other magnificent muscles, Vic Nicolletti, whose physique is outstanding, Pepper Gomez, Bill Cantrell, Gene Meyers, Bill Trumbo, Don Doughty, and numerous others--all who possessed physiques of nation-wide admiration. But, there can only be one winner, and Steve Reeves, the magnificent, was just that. Eric Pedersen ran second, and Bill Cantrell was third. Don Dought secured the cup for the best abdominals and huge Bill Trumbo ran away with the best back, which is as wide as two ordinary backs. So this will afford a glimpse of a bit of Steve's competition. And it was quite a sight to see him hold all his trophies in his arms. I doubt if anyone else has ever won so many at one show.

It is difficult to impart with words exactly how he looked while he posed. Being so fast in movement, he never held a posture long enough. He turned from one display to another, but every one of the many thousands of eyes, glued to the mass of muscles under excellent lighting, never blinked, I am sure. his mighty arms looked like perfect anatomical studies. Both biceps and triceps blended into huge deltoids, with knots, shadows, ripples, and formations moving and squirming across his back as he first struck one of his favorite positions. Quickly turning around, Steve gave about the finest display of a torso, while both arms were overhead in relaxation. What collosal latissimus dorsi muscles, what abdominals under a stretch, what outstanding serratus magnus ! All were so clearly defined and sparated under the lights. He seemed from out of this world, just as though a super-man had suddenly appeared on a pedestal, for Steve certainly is a master showman when it comes to giving an audience exactly what he wants to show. he knows how unusual his muscles are, both in size and development, and he fully knows the value of a smile. A great kid who is going to win more and more cups and trophies and whose famous physique will spread to all parts of the world. Mark this prophecy. I will not be wrong in my prediction, and I am daring to make this statment.

If words might emphasize his tremendous aarms and their unusual contour, other words might fail in describing his wonderful legs, or his oustanding chest, or any one of his other muscular parts, each which is as near perfection as a body-buider can obtain. So to proclaim him a perfect specimen of physical elegance is about all need be said.

There isn't one Athlete in the Country who isn't applauding Steve. He deserves everything that may come his way. He stands but one step away from the Mr. America Title, and while this is being written in the month of May, the forthcoming Mr. America will be prclaimed before theis appears in print, yet all the West stands behind Steve Reeves to a man.