This site is not official anything. MuscleMemory receives no support from any of the bodybuilding organizations. It has been almost impossible to get organizations to share information with me. Only NABBA USA sends me official results on a regular basis.

Most of the historic information in the MuscleMemory database has come from vintage magazines. Magazines often made mistakes. If a contest result or an athlete's name was printed incorrectly in the magazine, I'd have no way of knowing about it. Sometimes official results change, due to drug testing or other factors, after the results have been printed. The changes often don't get printed. Again, I'd have no way of knowing about it. Also I don't own every magazine.

Recent contest results usually come from other websites. They too may have entered it wrong. I have no way of knowing the accuracy of contest results found on other websites.

This site has been bad-mouthed on certain web forums. "The people at MuscleMemory got it wrong again." There are no people at MuscleMemory. There is only me. Not once have those who criticize my site in public forums emailed me to correct an error.

Tim Fogarty