"Frequently Asked Questions"

Real questions I've repeatedly received in email.

How do I get in touch with _____ ?

I have no information on the whereabouts of any current or past bodybuilder. However, some pro bodybuilders have places to send fan mail. Some of these were listed at bodybuilder.org, which seems to no longer exist.

My [great-uncle, grandfather, second-cousin-once-removed] was Mr America in 19nn. Why don't you have a listing for him ?

All the contest results have come from bodybuilding magazines, books, and official ranking sheets from the bodybuilding contests. Family legends have a way of becoming exagerated.

Also, in the 50s and 60s there were many contests of the same name, but different bodybuilding organizations. Some of these organizations only lasted a few years. If you have official results from these contests, I'll gladly include them in the database.

Who won the Mr Southeast North Dakota in 1963 ?

Records from local contests were rarely saved. Local contests rarely received coverage in the bodybuilding magazines.

Will you search through your hundreds of vintage bodybuilding magazines for articles and photos about my favorite bodybuilder, take those magazines to a copy shop, photocopy the articles and photos, take the photocopies to the postoffice, weigh them to determine postage, and then mail them to me ? I'll pay you the cost of the photocopies.


Why don't you list results from men's and women's fitness contests ?

Fitness competitions are a different sport. This site is dedicated to the history of bodybuilding. Personally, I have trouble with a sport that requires its athletes be judged while wearing high heel shoes.

Why don't you list results of pairs bodybuilding ?

I would like to, but 1) I have found very little data, and 2) I have yet to come up with a method to store such data for easy retrieval. When listing all the contests an athelete has entered, you'd want to see all the solo contests, as well as all the pairs, with all the different partners. Lots of cross linking required.

Do you want to purchase advertising space in my [magazine, newsletter, bodybuilding contest] ? Do you want to buy an article written by me or photo taken by me ?

I have no money for such things. Notice that there are no advertisements or banners on any of the web pages. This is just a hobby, not a money making venture.

Do you want to exchange links ?

I would be glad to look at your site, and if I find that it fits one of the categories on my links page, I'll add it to the list, whether you list my site or not. However, I don't exchange links, I don't link to supplement resellers or other overtly commercial sites, and I don't place advertisements or banners on my pages.

Why no fancy graphics, image maps, buttons, pull down menus, or animaged gifs ?

Its called Minimalistic. You should see my living room.

I'm looking for a source of steroids. Can you help ?

Anabolic steroids are scheduled C-III controlled substances in the USA (C-II in the state of New York). Posession without a script from a US doctor is a felony. Asking a stranger on the net for steroids is no different than asking a stranger for a source of cocaine. Either you are an undercover law enforcement officer trying to entrap someone, or you soon will be contacted by one pretending to be a supplier.

If you live in the USA and want to do a cycle of anabolic steroids without breaking any laws, I suggest that you move to southern California, and then 12 weekends in a row drive to San Diego, park at the border, walk over to Tiajuana, go to any of a dozen farmacias, and get your shots there. You don't need to see a doctor, you don't need a script. You're not breaking any Mexican laws, you're not breaking any US laws.

And then there's the email I receive from undercover cops pretending to be underage males...talk about bigotted profiling...