IronMan, Volume 6 Number 6

Table of Contents

The Future of Weightlifting as a SportPeary Rader3
Mr. America's Training ProgramBenton Pride5
Triceps DevelopmentPeary Rader6
Pictorial - Clarence Ross6
Squating For Leg Strength and DevelopmentRobert J Farabee9
Pictorial - Terry Robinson11
Hand Balancing Made EasyNorman E Fay12
Inventions To Make Exercise EasyCharles M Wesner14
My Weight Gaining ExperiencesNorman E Fay16
Stunts And Strongman FeatsHarold Ansorge18
Physique FlashesGerard Nisivoccia20
Iron Man News21
Perfect AssimilartionJames S Todd22
Pictorial - John Boncek23
The Reader Speaks26

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