IronMan, Volume 9 Number 4

Table of Contents

EditorialPeary Rader5
National AAU Weightlifting Championships and Mr. America Contest of 1949Peary Rader6
Chest Development Through Heavy Leg WorkPeary Rader10
Displaying the PhysiqueHal Stephens12
The Three Olympic Lifts - The Two Arm Clean and JerkCharles A Smith14
Muscle Building At Fritshe'sEdwin Lee Berrier18
If You Want To Gain WeightRobert J Farabee19
The Atkin Multi-Poundage SystemHenry J Atkin20
Iron Man Research DeptDr J S Van Wye23
Pictorial Display - Leo Robert24
Professional Strong Man Championships of 194927
Orville Wertzbaugher - Super Balancer and StrongmanM L Kirchner28
Solving Your ProblemsCharles A Smith30

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