IronMan, Volume 11 Number 6

Table of Contents

Mr New York City ContestVal Pasqua7
Ken Cameron - "Mr. Los Angeles"Ken Frederick8
Training for the Working ManHarry B Paschall10
Trainig Methods of Bob Peoples14
Building A Strength Show - part 1Peary Rader18
The Hise FamilyBill Carroll19
Beginning - A Complete Course In Progressive BodybuildingPeary Rader20
Weight Training In High SchoolVal Pasqua24
Are You Well Dressed For Workout?M L Kirchner26
Want To Add 1 Inch To Your Arm?28
The Question Box31
Pictorial Spread - Irvin Koszewski32
Readers Roundup34
Don't Be Handicapped - Leon CampMartin J Weidemann38
Must I Always Exercise?Beverly Crowle42
Exercise For A Lovlier NeckAnnie Laurie Willard45
Training For Young MothersPeg Redpath46
Solving Your Problems47

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