IronMan, Volume 12 Number 6

Table of Contents

EditorialPeary Rader5
Tommy Kono - Olympic ChampionEd Yarick6
Diet - Secret of Quick GainsVern Bickel10
Story of Nick MohammedRay Beck13
In Praise of FollyHarry B Paschall14
Ballet in BalanceDavid Martin18
Your Complete Barbell TrainingPeary Rader20
What Will Happen If I Quit ExercisingM L Kirchner26
How To Clean and Jerk Maximum PoundagesPeary Rader28
Developing A Strength ShowPeary Rader34
Research Department36
Readers Roundup37
If You Are ThinPeggy O'Neil58
How To Select Poundages, RepsMary Jane Arden59
Figure Control ProgramLynne Kendrick60

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