IronMan, Volume 13 Number 3

Table of Contents

EditorialPeary Rader5
Man on the Cover - Bill GolumbickLeo Stern6
A Special Course For Weight Gaining or ReductionMervin G White7
A Training EssentialDon Dorans8
Chest GrowthVern Bickel10
Exercise Controversy in the PressVal Pasqua12
Complete Bodybuilding Program - part 9Peary Rader14
Arms and the ManHarry B Paschall18
Clean and JerkPeary Rader21
Training Program of Peter Cortese24
How to Operate Your Own Gym27
World Championships30
Photo Contest Winner - Martin Gagliano34
Readers Roundup35
Vivacious Womanhood57
Beauty is AgelessPeggy O'Neil58
Story of Mary RhoadesVern Bickel60

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