IronMan, Volume 13 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - ProteinPeary Rader5
John DavisPeary Rader6
Mr. North AmericaDon Young8
How I Developed My AbdomenJames Schwertley9
Own and Operate Your Own GymPeary Rader12
Super Arm DevelopmentDon Dorans16
Compelte Bodybuilding ProgramPeary Rader18
The Douglas Harness20
The Squat and PressPeter B Cortese21
Father Lange of Notre DameHarry B Paschall22
How To Clean and Jerk Maximum PoundagesPeary Rader24
Building a Strength Show28
Hugh CobbLeo Stern32
Photo Contest Winner - Rene Claytor34
Readers Roundup35
Vivacious Womanhood57
Have You Lost Your Figure?Alyce Yarick58
A Real Line TamerPamela Lewis60
Good Posture Is ImportantBarbara Osterman61

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