IronMan, Volume 15 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial Peary Rader7
Sustained Action CurlWalt Baptiste9
Paul Anderson, Modern SupermanLarry Lawson10
Add Muscular Size Without FatBruce Page15
Specialized Arm ProgramHal Stephens16
Atlas SpeaksDonne Hale22
Hand Balancing Made EasyAl Iannone25
Trainig for "Mr. Britain"Wally Wright27
Pectoral SpecializationVern Bickel28
Research DepartmentCharles Ross31
The Squat, Greatest Single ExercisePeary Rader32
Exercise and Heart DiseaseDr C M Douthitt35
Readers Roundup37
Vivacious Womanhood57
Joan RhodesRalph H Samuels58
Health, Strength and BeautyRejane Robert60

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