IronMan, Volume 17 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Is the Human Race Dying From undernourishment and Poison?Peary Rader7
On the Poing PlatformBruce Page8
Bending and Breaking Iron BarsArnold Dyson11
Chinning RecordsDavid P Willoughby12
Nutrition NotesGeorge Redpath15
Attention Power TrainersRay Beck16
Kenpo KarateBen Otake18
Phil Marano, How He Solved His Bodybuilding Problems20
Basic Needs of the Home Gym22
Tumbling and AcrobaticsRalph H Samuels23
Super Weight Gaining Course, part 5Peary Rader25
The Kings of Strength - part 9, Apollon, Emperor of AthletesDavid P Willoughby28
Skin CareCharley Mallon31
The Question Box32
Readers Roundup33
Beauty - Health - PhysiqueRejane Robert57
Can Barbells Give Me a Nice Figure?Alyce Yarick61

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