IronMan, Volume 18 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Fit To Live?Peary Rader7
George EifermanBob Delmonteque9
The Russians Come to America10
Getting Started Right, part 2Bill Pearl14
Tumbling and AcrobatsRalph H Samuels19
Flash Report - Sr. Nats and Mr. America20
Bodybuilding In MexicoGeorge Redpath22
Reply to Bodybuilding 195824
A Bulk Building ProgramBruce Page28
Kenpo KarateEd Parker30
The Kings of Strength - part 10, Continental Strong Men of 1890sDavid P Willoughby32
Readers Roundup35
Health - Strength - BeautyRejane Robert57
Feminine FitnessMavis Webster60

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