IronMan, Volume 19 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You A "Muscle Head"?Peary Rader7
Louis Goelz - Iron ManWalt Slanec8
Three Point Training - Upper BodyEarl Maynard11
Bruce Randall Wins Mr UniverseDave Webster12
Chuck Fish - New Chicago SupermanNorman Zale15
Improving The Two Hands PressDoug Hepburn16
Pan American Games18
World Championships19
Double Sets - Greater DevelopmentBruce Page21
Do I Believe In Supplements?Peary Rader22
Earl Maynard Wins (British) ABC-TV Adonis24
The Reader Speaks24
Some Early American StrongmenDavid P Willoughby26
What Kind of Physical Fitness?Jim Murray30
This 'N ThatBob Hise32
The Question Department33
So You Can't SquatMichael J Salvati34
Readers Roundup35
How To Attain A Flat AbdomenRejane Robert57
Attack Those AnglesPamela Lewis63

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