IronMan, Volume 20 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Relaxation - The Secret of GrowthPeary Rader7
How I Became a Mr America - Lloyd LerillePeary Rader8
Senior National Meet14
Mr America ContestPeary Rader18
All The World's Greatest RoutinesPeary Rader22
This Is Your Life - Tommy KonoBob Hise24
Tips On CurlingDoug Hepburn26
More Bodyweight More PowerBruce Page27
Four Jr National Events28
Dave DavisBob Hise32
Muscle Control a MustEd Jubinville33
Mind Control Can Help YouBob Mitchell34
The Question Box35
Readers Roundup36
Meet Joyce Phillips - Miss L.A.Bob Hise59
Health Strength and BeautyRejane Robert62

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