IronMan, Volume 20 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Can You Take It?Peary Rader7
Transformation of Lee Roy SabaLeo Stern8
Bill Neider's Collegiate ProgramJim Murray11
All The World's Greatest RoutinesPeary Rader12
Vinci Wins Olympic Title14
Henry Downs Wins Mr Universe TitleDave Webster18
You Must Have Good ShouldersEarl Maynard20
Handbalancing Made EasyRalph H Samuels21
Don't Cheat YourselfEarle Liederman22
Kings Of Strength - Chapter 16 - Louis CyrDavid P Willoughby24
MisrepresentationEd Parker27
Build Home Gym Equipment28
Bill Pearl Pictorial30
The Squat - Master ExerciseBruce Page34
Readers Roundup35
Personal AppearanceRejane Robert57
Healthful Hints For the HousewifeJohn McWilliams61

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