IronMan, Volume 21 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Enthusiasm - Secret Of Progress!Peary Rader7
Routledge Wins Mr America8
A Massive Powerful BackEarl Clark14
Report of Senior NationalsM L Kirchner16
High Rep For Rapid GainsBruce Page20
Handbalancing Made EasyRalph H Samuels21
Research DepartmentPeary Rader22
Abdominal SpecializationHarry Johnson26
Body Power - How To Develop ItDoug Hepburn29
Muscle ControlEd Jubinville30
The Worlds Greatest RoutinesPeary Rader31
This N ThatBob Hise32
European NewsBuster McShane32
Readers Roundup33
Health - Beauty - StrengthRejane Robert57
Janet Ann KennedyEarl Maynard60

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