IronMan, Volume 25 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Confused?Peary Rader7
Jim Haislop - His Training SchedulesDick Falcon9
Lincoln - America's Strongest PresidentHoward Cochran13
Specialize For Better LegsAchilles Kallos14
The Incredible Strength of Val VasilieffFranklin Page16
High-High RepsFred Grace18
Super Protein Diet For Unprecidented GainsRichard Simons20
Improved Methods of TrainingBruce Page22
Liquid NutritionKen Cox23
Troubles With The SquatPeary Rader24
Atomic Triceps RoutineRichard Simons26
Gordon Van SertimaFranklin Page28
Anabolic SteroidsMichael J Salvati30
Strength Feats Made EasyPeary Rader32
Just Be SmartFred Grace33
Question Department34
Training With Energy and EnthusiasmBruce Page36
Gentleman of Physical and Moral CourageBob Hise38
Readers Roundup40
Women of StrengthPaula Mollerup45
A Better Figure By SummerEd Jubinville46

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