IronMan, Volume 25 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - Weight Lifters and Heart AttacksPeary Rader7
Frank Zane - Coming Winner of Physique CompetitionsFranklin Page9
The S-L-O-W Movement SystemBruce Page15
John Citrone Wins Mr BritainOscar Heidenstam16
Train Beyond FatigueFred Grace18
"Peanuts" West - His Muscle Power FactoryBob Hise20
Common Sense and Growth HormonesCarl Richford23
Bits O' BrawnDonne Hale24
Pros and Cons of Bulk RoutinesRichard Simons26
Junior Nationals and Junior Mr America28
Harry Johnson "Over 40 Mr. America"32
Two World Records at Senior NationalsPeary Rader35
Bob Gajda - Mr America 196638
Readers Roundup45

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