IronMan, Volume 26 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Status of The PHA System TodayPeary Rader13
Ralph Kroger - A Great Physique, A Great Athlete14
Mr Britain ContestGeorge Greenwood18
The Blitz System For Rapid Muscle BuildingPeary Rader20
The Amazing Physique of Arnold SchwarzeneggerAlbert Busek22
For Impressive Arms Try Biceps SpecializationAchilles Kallos26
How Do We Wear Out?Fred Grace27
Clarifying PHA SystemKirk Crist28
The Start Of Training Is Always ToughFred Grace31
Don Howorth - The Ideal PhysiqueHoward Sanford Young32
There Are No SecretsBruce Page36
New Timesaver Dumbbell HandlesLeslie W Carson37
New Split Routine For Faster GainsJon Verne38
Miss Americana 1966Steve Horowitz42

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