IronMan, Volume 27 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Smoker's Death?Peary Rader13
Mr Universe WinnersGeorge Greenwood15
IFBB WinnersCarl Richford20
How To Bend SpkesChuck Sipes24
Supplementary TrainingWayne Gallasch26
Cholesterold & The BodybuidlerMichael Wolczak28
Running For BodybuildersPeary Rader29
Simplicity - Key To GainsAnthony Ditillo30
The Egg and YouFred Grace31
Question Department31
Learn The One Hand ChinLeslie W Carson32
Stimulate Muscle GrowthBruce Page34
There's No TomorrowFred Grace35
Nine Day CycleTed Sheola36
Specialize For Bigger TrapsAchilles Kallos37
Readers Roundup39
Protein Facts - Not OpinionsDavid Bogenberger42

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