IronMan, Volume 27 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Don't Be "over-dedicated" to trainingCarl Richford13
John Citrone, Mr UniverseFranklin Page15
Problems of Physique Contest JudgingFranklin Page18
Power Training and Super Nutrition For Massive ArmsTed Sheola22
Advanced Training NotesCarl Richford24
Vary Your Routine For Muscle GainsBruce Page26
How To Bend Iron BarsChuck Sipes28
Chest and Back SpecializationAnthony Ditillo30
What is Posture?Fred Grace31
Make an Incline Press BoardLeslie W Carson32
A Manner of LivingJim Craig34
Combine Weightlifting and BodybuildingAchilles Kallos36
Return of the Iron ManKen Coon39
Minerals For Pep and VigorCarlson Wade40
Question Box42
Readers Roundup44

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