IronMan, Volume 28 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - That Twenty Inch Arm AgainSterri Larsen11
Acquire Suntan SlowlyBruce Page12
Charles AmatoRalph Countryman13
A Program For Building UpBradley J Steiner17
How Do The Top Stars Train?Carl Richford18
The Pulse Rate and WeightliftingLeslie W Carson20
Experience With RunningClarence Bass23
Wipe Your BrowRue Snodgrass24
"Tarzan" Jacobs' ForearmAchilles Kallos26
Question DepartmentPeary Rader27
How To Train With A SprainCarl H Giles28
All That You HaveFred Grace28
A Specialized Pectoral RoutineSterri Larsen29
Special Back Buidling ProgramsAnthony Ditillo30
The Air You Breathe Is Life Itself31
A Super Food For Super GainsPeary Rader32
Readers Roundup34
Whittle Away That WaistJanis Keane38
Eccentric ContractionCarl Miller40
Analyzing The Russian PressDave Webster41
Lifting News41
Grunt and Groan42

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