Junior Mr America, Volume 1 Number 1

Table of Contents

Know Your MusclesJoe Weider5
How To Measure Your MusclesJoe Weider7
Know These Muscle GroupsJoe Weider9
Build Muscles Like MineClement Desjardins10
You Can Be Taller Than You AreJoe Weider14
The 70 Pound Skeleton Who Gained 90 PoundsJoe Weider17
An Eagle Takes FlightAngelo Piaquadio18
Try These Muscle Building ExercisesJoe Weider20
No One Is Born A He-ManJoe Weider22
Enter This Giant Weight Gaining ContestJoe Weider25
When Sandow Fought THe GOlden FuryLeo Gaudreau27
I Was Ashamed Of My Skinny SweatheartMarlene Bishop28
You Can Do A HandstandJoe Weider31
What You Need To Build Your BodyJoe Weider32
How Long Does It Take To Build MusclesJoe Weider33
Your Guarantee To A He-Man BodyJoe Weider39
Your Bodybuilding VocabularyJoe Weider50

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