Junior Mr America, Volume 1 Number 4

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Champions Like Heroes Are Made, Not BOrn5
Know Your MusclesJoe Weider7
Let's Make Bodybuilding A Family AffairJoe Weider9
The Weakling Who Became An All-American He-Man - Jack WisebergClarence Ross10
You Can Be A Beach Adonis This SummerJoe Weider14
How Junior Mr Canada Builds His Chest16
Joe Weider Made A Strongman Out Of My Son20
Ever Been Challenged To A Feat Of Stength22
I Made Rugged He-Men From These Weaklings24
The Unchained Samson - Art EhmanJoe Weider26
Learn To HandbalanceJoe Weider30

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