Mr America, Volume 1 Number 8

Table of Contents

Stop Feeling Sorry For YourselfDr Frederick Tilney5
Know Your BodyE M Orlick7
Keep Your Skin Looking YouthfulHal Warner9
Ray Schaefer, Mr. America 1956Jack Delinger10
Try The Weider Triple-Progressive PlanJoe Weider13
My Tribute To The Weider SystemEd Theriault16
Add Vitamin "A" To Your Bodybuilding DietE M Orlick18
Broaden, Thicken, Deepen Your Upper BodyYvon Brunet20
He Was A Human Skeleton - Francois AuclairBen Weider23
What You Should Know About Venereal DiseaseA M Brothman24
Barbell Training The "Suntan Way"Leo Robert26
Does Your Voice Have A "He-Man" Personality?Clarence Ross29

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