Mr America, Volume 2 Number 10

Table of Contents

Weakling Or Power-Charged He-ManDr Frederick Tilney5
How Bodybuilding Can Make You More Popular With GirlsBilly Hill7
Bud Pryor - Bodybuilding's Most Versatile Star!Charles Coster9
Arrest DDT! It's Wanted For Murder!Leo Robert13
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesJoe Weider14
Might Forearms - "Ignition Keys" For Every Muscle-Building MovementEddie Silvestre16
How To Perform The Impressive Back LeverE M Orlick18
Weider SUccess ClinicJoe Weider20
Variations Of The PulloverCharles Coster25
Stopped Smoking - Started Training - Made Terrific GainsBen Weider28
It's All Done With MirrorsJoe Weider30
How I Use Weider Power Methods To Build Championship Football TeamsChuck Sipes33
Tumbling Stunts You Can LearnJack Delinger35
Do They Call You "Freckles"?Hal Warner66

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