Mr America, Volume 6 Number 12

Table of Contents

Is Your Girl Jilting You?Betty Weider5
You Can Discover A Great New WorldJoe Weider9
Don't Let Junk Food Wreck Your Muscle BuildingJerry Minnich11
Another Teenage Muscualr Success!Jean-Charles St Mars15
Become A Champion Broad JumperE M Orlick21
You Can Twist The Largest Spike In Half25
Quizzing The Stars On Muscle BuildingJoe Weider26
Here's How To Broaden Your Shoulders30
Sex And Your EmotionsRussell J Fornwalt33
Hollywood's Newest Tarzan - Jock MahoneyRoger Elwood34
Build A Roman Chair And Mold Mighty Legs And AbdominalsLudwig Shusterich37
Careers In Coaching And Running Your Own GymBert Goodrich40
Crush The Armed Attacker In A Flash!Joe Weider43
Here's How To Build Powerhouse Claves The Weider Way!Dave Draper51
Test Your Youthful Power - Parallel SquatsHarold Poole59
Paul Petersen Speaks To Mr America Readers On Success81

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