Mr America, Volume 9 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Part Of THe Upgrade Age?Joe Weider7
Our Readers Say: Letters To The Editors9
Joe Nista Jr Gains 10 Pounds And Looks Better Than Ever!Dick Tyler10
Your Calorie / Protein Chart10
Here's Your $15 Muscle Building Course!Chuck Collras12
The Great Mr America - Mr World - Mr Universe -
Miss Amiericana - Mr Olympia Muscle/Beauty Show!
Bud Parker17
Favorite Exercises Of The Champions: Chin Behind NeckJoe Weider26
Popping Questions At Freddy OrtizLeroy Colbert28
Trim The Waist With This Diet / Exercise ProgramDave Draper34
Use Muscle PriorityTo Prevent Lopsided DevelopmentJoe Weider36
Build A Cavernous Chest With Fire BombingChet Yorton38
Arm Wrestling - The Sport Of MenIan "Mac" Batchelor42
Tips On Building Upper Body PowerLarry Scott44
The Champs Discuss Heavy vs. Light TrainingDick Tyler50
But Look At Them NowJerry Winick53
Spotlight On Muscle Talk54
IFBB Coming EventsBud Parker72
Your Bodybuilding Questions AnsweredHarold Poole82

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