Mr America, Volume 1 Number 1

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Mr. America Salutes Ray Wilson5
Smash That Barrier To MuscledomRichard Alan7
They Were All Weaklings9
Here's How A New "Weider" Star Is BornJimmy Caruso11
A Controlled Sex Urge Will Build Bigger MusclesE M Orlick15
Eating For Explosive Power!Joe Weider17
The Battle Of The Champions - Sullivan vs SandowStanley Weston19
Echoes Of The Mr. America Contest23
Your Shoulders! Make 'em Broad and PowerfulJoe Weider25
Bob Hoffman's Strange FinancesHoward Blaise29
Gallery Of Physical Magnificence30
Do Bodybuilders Burn Out?E M Orlick32
What Can I Expect From The Weider System?34
Dermabrasion Says Goodbye To AcneHal Warner63
Let's Restyle Your HairFrank Ferrera74

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