Mr America, Volume 1 Number 2

Table of Contents

Solving Your Skin ProblemsHal Warner5
Have A Care For Your HairFrank Ferrera7
Fashions For The BodybuilderHal Warner9
Exposing Bodybuilding's Seven Sacred CowsJoe Weider11
The Skeptic Who Became A SupermanPinky Rosenberg12
Battling SikiLouis Golding14
Weight Gaining Made SimpleJoe Weider18
Sex And The BodybuilderClarence Ross23
The Magical Power Of ProteinJoe Weider24
Blitz Those Triceps!Leroy Colbert26
Forced Reps, Key To Muscular MasteryJoe Weider30
Portrait Of A "Medicine Man" - Bob HoffmanHoward Blaise32
The Questions You Ask34
They Were All Weaklings74

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