Mr America, Volume 1 Number 7

Table of Contents

Your Sex Questions AnsweredE M Orlick5
Know Your BodyE M Orlick7
Hair Care For The Beach AdonisFrank Ferrera9
Dick Dubois, Mr America 1954Ed Theriault11
Add Fun To Your Workouts With CablesPierre Brunet13
The Most Terrible Turk Of Them AllJoe Weider16
How Vitamins Help Make You Strong, Muscualr and HealthyE M Orlick18
Nocturnal Emissions and What To Do About ThemA M Brothman21
The Miracle Exercise For A Massive BodyCharles Coster23
Six Cardinal Rules For A Dynamic PersonalityClarence Ross25
Developing Prize-Winning Mr. America AbdominalsPierre Brunet27
You Can Be Taller!E M Orlick50

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