Mr America, Volume 1 Number 11

Table of Contents

Do Alcohol and Bodybuilding Mix?A M Brothman5
Cheer Up! Here's How You Can Get That Equipment You Need7
Your Excretory SystemE M Orlick9
George Eiferman, Mr. America 1948Ed Theriault10
The Weider Triple-Progressive PlanJoe Weider15
The Weider Muscle Priority SystemE M Orlick18
Mental Cncentration Helps Build Bigger MusclesJack Delinger20
Farm Boy Cultivates Prize MusclesBen Weider23
My Tribute To THe Weider SystemMickey Hargitay26
Increase Your Endurance With Vitamin EA M Brothman28
Breaking The Barrier To Massive Chest DevelopmentLeo Robert30
Use Your Muscles For Fun And ProfitRichard Alan34

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