Mr America, Volume 1 Number 12

Table of Contents

Develop Self-Confidence Through BodybuildingE M Orlick5
What You Should Weigh and MeasureJoe Weider7
Know Your BodyE M Orlick9
The Story Of Jack DelingerEd Theriault11
The Weider Triple Progressive PlanJoe Weider13
Is Masterbation Dangerous?A M Brothman17
My Tribute To The Weider SystemClarence Ross19
Try My "Sure-Fire" Super-Shoulder RoutineLeo Robert21
Why The Champions Don't SmokeJack Delinger23
Kettlebells - Magic Key To Master Torso SculpturePierre Brunet25
Sandow In The Lion's DenHal Hennesey27
Rugged! That's The Word For Ray!Ben Weider29
Let Vitamin "C" Help Your Muscle BuildingE M Orlick31

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