Mr America, Volume 2 Number 4

Table of Contents

It's So Easy To Become A Husky He-ManTorre Larson5
Know Your BodyE M Orlick7
Make Her Heart Throb With Your Masculine AppealDr Frederick Tilney9
Joe Gold, America's Undiscovered Physique ChampionJoe Weider10
How You Should Use Weider Flushing MethodsGlenn Bishop15
Make Your Drinking Habits Build MusclesJoe Weider16
Tension Super-Sets For "Baseball" BicepsBob Burke19
The Weider Success Clinic21
The Truth About Personal Success23
The Truth About Sex24
The Truth About Diet25
Build A Fuller, Deeper and Wider Chest This WayJoe Weider26
Relax and Build Bigger Muscles FasterE M Orlick31
To Cheat or Not To CheatJack Delinger32
A Twin Tribute To Twin Champions66

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