Mr America, Volume 2 Number 7

Table of Contents

This Is No Bull!Dr Frederick Tilney5
Know Your BodyE M Orlick7
Africa's Giants Of Physical SplendorDavid C Cooke9
How I Shaped My Deltoids For The Mr. Universe ContestEddie Silvestre11
Is There A "Muscle Tone" Vitamin?A M Brothman13
The Story Of "Hercules" In Pictures15
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesJoe Weider18
This Is Earl MaynardJosh Joshua21
Spectacular Muslce-Builder Stunts You Can DoEd Theriault22
Weider Success ClinicJoe Weider24
Here's How I Built My Mr. America LegsChuck Sipes28
The Cause and Cure of Muscular SorenessJoe Weider33
Build Bigger Muscles Faster With Mirror-TrainingE M Orlick35

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