Mr America, Volume 2 Number 9

Table of Contents

My Tribute To The Weider SystemLeo Robert5
In The Mailbag7
Timmy Leong, Hawaii's Muscular SensationTed West9
You Must Try The Fabulous "Pull-N-Push"!E M Orlick12
Know Your BodyE M Orlick14
Thick-Skinned or Thin-Skinned, Which Are You?Joe Weider16
The Story of Paul Emile LefebvreBen Weider19
Little Hints For Building Bigger Muscles20
Ed Theriault's Power-Packed Chest RoutineLeo Robert22
How To Get Bigger Muscles FasterDr Frederick Tilney25
Weider Success ClinicJoe Weider26
Try "Rope-Climbing" For Blade-Sharp DefinitionE M Orlick30
You Can Learn These Sensational TricksE M Orlick32
Build Muscles While You SleepE M Orlick34
But Look At Them Now!66

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