Mr America, Volume 4 Number 10

Table of Contents

The Questions You Ask About Bodybuilding5
Incredible But TrueGord Venables7
Pet Lupus - Hollywood's Newest Bodybuilding StarReg Lewis8
Flex 'N' Chatter13
World-Wide Weider: Strongmen Of PakistanBud Parker16
Peak Those Biceps - Sweep Those TricepsLeroy Colbert19
Karate - Nanpa Ken - Combination number 2Agustin DeMello22
The Sixth GladiatorBen Weider24
Hercules Romero - Wrestling Champion Of EuropeTony Lanza26
You Can Make ItGord Venables29
Build Mighty Thighs With Full SquatsJoe Weider30
My Favorite BodybuilderLouis Zotto32
Adventures With Muscle MenGord Venables34
Develop A He-Man Voice Through BodybuildingBud Parker36
My Special ExercisePaul Jacobs66

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