Mr America, Volume 5 Number 1

Table of Contents

Incredible But TrueGord Venables5
My Favorite BodybuilderBud Parker7
Here Is Another Great Human Lifting StuntE M Orlick9
You Can Make ItGord Venables11
My Speical ExerciseWalter Belof13
Announcing 1962 Mr Universe - Mr America ContestBud Parker15
Gene Beoloff - Russian-American AdonisGeorge Eiferman16
A Pill For Every PurposeDr Frederick Tilney20
Your Muscles Never Had It So Good!Gord Venables22
The Best Muscle-Building, Bulking FoodsE M Orlick26
Charles Sampson - King Of ShowmenGeorge Hackenschmidt28
Massive Malcom Brenner Builds His Might BackReg Lewis30
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesJoe Weider34
Flex 'N' Chatter36
Barbells And BaseballJoe Weider39
John Leahy - Mr Chicago, Mr Illinois, Mr MetropolitanDon Segura43
A Pictorial Tribute To Steve Reeves44
Karate - Hiza-Geri TechniqueAgustin DeMello, Joe Weider49
Five Ways To A He-Man TanBud Parker50

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