Mr America, Volume 5 Number 8

Table of Contents

Incredible But TrueGord Venables5
Flex 'N' Chatter7
You Too Can Bend Spikes!Woodrow Bussey9
You Can Make It!Gord Venables13
Exercise Of The Month15
Len Sell - The Twice Mr UniverseReuben Martin16
How Your Amazing Enzymes Produce Swifter Muscle Gains!Leo Robert20
Defend Yourself With The Devastating Upper CutJoe Weider22
Forced TrainingGeorge F Jowett24
Build Gladiator Pecs This Sensational New Way!Clarence Ross26
Barbells and BowlingJoe Weider30
Why You Can Now Build Muscles Twice As FastJoe Weider32
Hugo Labra's Chest-Shoulder Specialization ProgramGeorge Eiferman36
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesJoe Weider42
Carroll Ailman - The Man Who Came BackEd Theriault44
Backstage At The 1962 IFBB Mr Universe - Mr America ShowGord Venables46
The Iron CrossE M Orlick50
Muscle TalkJoe Weider54
The Fabulous New Weider Isometric ExerciserLeroy Colbert56
Full Squat Or Half SquatKarl Klein58
Build Baseball Biceps98

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