Mr America, Volume 5 Number 10

Table of Contents

Incredible But TrueGord Venables5
You Can Lift People OverheadEd Theriault8
You Can Make It!Gord Venables11
The Questions You Ask About Bodybuliding13
At Last! You Can Gain A Pound A DayDr Frederick Tilney16
Rick Wayne - England's Music Man With MusclesReuben Martin20
Barbells And The DecathalonBen Weider24
I Built Mr. Universe Thighs The Weider Way!Reg Park26
How To Read For ProfitJoe Weider28
The Back Pull-OverE M Orlick30
Try This Muscle Beach Workout For Coconut Delts!John Tristram32
How Your Muscles GrowJoe Weider38
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesJoe Weider40
If You Want To Try Isometrics, Here's How!Jim Murray42
Weider Research Clinic Monthly ReportLeo Robert46
Muscle TalkJoe Weider50
You Can Annihilate Any BullyJoe Weider52
Mickey Hargitay - TV's Newest Personality!George Eiferman54
The IFBB Expands!Jon Twichell56
Mold Mr America Calves With Calf Machine Heel Raises98

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