Mr America, Volume 5 Number 11

Table of Contents

Incredible But TrueGord Venables5
Flex & Chatter!7
But Look At Them Now8
Test Your Phyiscal Fitness!13
Test Your Weightgaining I.Q.!17
Arther Elden - A Young ReevesGeorge Eiferman23
Improve Your Athletic AbilityJim Murray26
Speed Up Your Muscular Growth With Plan 3!E M Orlick28
Start Now This Easy Way To Get A Super Body By SummerDr Frederick Tilney30
How I developed My ShouldersReg Park36
You Can Earne More Money!Albert Abarbanel38
How Are You Fixed For Dips?Ed Theriault42
Muscle TalkJoe Weider46
Defend Yourself With The Judo ThrowChuck Sipes48
Build Forearms Of Steel and Siney PowerBob Burke54
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesJoe Weider62
Christ - Teacher Of Abounding HealthFrank Kingdon64
Flexitonic Isometrics For Contest DefinitionClarence Ross66
Put Power In Your Speech71
Chisel Your Thighs With Isometric Hack Squats114

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