Mr America, Volume 6 Number 2

Table of Contents

Popular Prejudices Die HardE M Orlick5
What's New On The Medical Sports Front7
Athletes Need Special Food Supplements9
Mr America Salutes Jim Beatty10
Fitness/Sports Bulletin13
Your Problems Answered17
Test Your Athleteic FItness19
Faith, Love and SeaweedIan F Rose20
Weight Training At West PointFrank Kingdon26
Teaching The Pole VaultFrank Ryan28
Eat Right And WinMax Warmbrand30
Off-Season Flabbiness - Your Worst EnemyE M Orlick32
Records Are Made To Be Broken40
Athletes And Alcohol Don't MixBen Weider42
High School Summer Football Conditioning ProgramKen Rawlingson44
Nuts - A Natural Powerhouse FoodJoe Weider48
Training The Distance RunnerTom O'Connor50
Building Strength For RunningJim Murray52
Cigarettes Will Kill Your Athletic CareerDr Frederick Tilney54
Amazing Athletes!Gord Venables56
Water Skiing - America's Fastest Growing SportArmand Tanny61
Brawn and BrainAlbert Abarbanel64
Helpful Hints For Athletes66
Muscular Analysis Of The Iron CrossE M Orlick68
Champions Are Largely Self-Made73
Why Advertise In Mr America?114

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