Mr America, Volume 6 Number 5

Table of Contents

Are You The He-Man Your Girl Wants You To Be?Betty Weider5
Test Your StrengthChuck Sipes9
You Can Lift Your Girl Friend OverheardGeorge Eiferman10
What THe Champs Can Do - So Can YouLarry Powers13
Extra Vitamins For PowerHarold Poole16
Super-Speed Reps For Maximum DevelopmentSteve Reeves18
Try Dumbbell Work For Better ArmsClarence Ross20
Forearm Work For Maximum SizeChuck Sipes22
Specialization Exercises Are Best For ArmsLarry Scott24
Build Muscles Of Tensile Strength With The Weider Trojan GymJoe Weider28
Build Muscles Of Might With Sacks Of SandJoe Weider32

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