Mr America, Volume 6 Number 6

Table of Contents

Strength Stunt - The Newspaper CruncherChuck Sipes5
Three Ways To Stop AcneBetty Weider7
You Can Build Your Chest With Just Two ChairsReg Lewis11
Reg Park - His Muscles Will Make Him A Millionaire!Joe Weider14
Heavy Laterals Gave Me The Herculean Chest I WantedJack Delinger18
Incline Laterals And Complete Development For A Mr America ChestClarence Ross20
Pullovers Are Best For A He-Man ChestGeorge Eiferman22
The Basic Bench Press Is Tops For Building A Massive ChestLeroy Colbert24
You Need Flexible Muscles For Championship CoordinationEd Theriault26
An Open Letter To A Boy Who Wants Bigger MusclesJoe Weider28
How I Gained 50 Pounds And Became A Weider ChampionJack Bourdon30

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