Mr America, Volume 6 Number 8

Table of Contents

You And Your FutureJoe Weider5
Why Girls Go For Athletic MenBetty Weider7
Berto Sierra - Accent On THe Youthful BodyJean-Charles St Mars10
How Nutrition Helps You Get The Body And The Girl You WantReg Lewis16
Guard Against VDA M Brothman19
Quizzing The Stars About Muscle BuildingJoe Weider22
How To Beat The World's Dirtiest Street FightersJoe Weider26
Earn More Money And Get The Job You Want!Russell J Fornwalt30
You Can Tear Old License Plates To PiecesDoug Hepburn33
Explosive Running For Viatl PowerJoe Weider34
Make Your Biceps Bulge With MuscleDave Draper38
How To Become A Leader42
Goofy Beefs Up!48
Amaze Your Friends With This Spectacular FeatChuck Sipes58
How Youthful Larry Scott Gained 50 Pounds And Became The Youngest Mr America Ever62
Get The Most In Muscles From Your Chinning BarLarry Scott63

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