Mr America, Volume 6 Number 12

Table of Contents

Eight Sure Ways To Meet The Right GirlsBetty Weider7
Getting The FundamentalsJoe Weider11
Sleeep, A Vital Part Of Your Training ProgramClarence Ross13
What About Necking And Petting?Russell J Fornwalt15
You Can Blast A Spike Through A BoardChuck Sipes17
Sid Roberson, The British Apollo Of American LifeGeorge Eiferman19
What 5 Famous Coaches Say About Emotional FitnessBen Weider26
Quizzing The Stars On Muscle Building28
Defeat The Toughest Gang Of Hoodlums Singlehanded With These Gang Crushing Terror-Fighting TechniquesJoe Weider35
Test Your Youthful Strength39
Learn To Eat For Strength, Energy and StaminaJoe Weider40
Gordon Scott, Hollywood's King Of The Muscle MenRoger Elwood42
You Can Become A Champion Javelin ThrowewrE M Orlick48
Here's How To Get That V-Shaped BackDave Draper54
Careers In Coaching And Running Your Own GymVic Tanny74
Build The Weider Twist-A-WristLarry Scott78
The Tiger StandEd Theriault82

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