Mr America, Volume 7 Number 1

Table of Contents

Can You Lift A 10 Pound Dumbbell Of A Chair And Replace It With Your Feet?Dave Draper5
You Can Do The Exciting Headstand Pressout!E M Orlick7
Give Yourself A He-Man Physique For Christmas!9
The "No. 1" Training Rules Of America's Coaches11
3 Mr America Winners Tell You How They Developed Their Thighs16
Build A Muscualr Upper Body With The Reverse Kip!Ed Theriault20
How Scientific Nutrition Builds Solid Muscle FasterJerry Minnich24
Help Wanted! Part-Time Jobs For BodybuildersRussell J Fornwalt29
Tips For Getting DatesBetty Weider31
4 Hot Muscle-Building Tips From The Champoins32
Mike Landon - TV's Finest Youn Athlete-ActorRoger Elwood37
Build Strength And Definition With Your Own Isometric Exerciser41
Quizzing The Stars For Hints On Muscle Building42
Hank Bauer Tells How To Be A Successful Athlete49
Build He-Man Herculean Arms The Weider Way!Larry Scott51
Test Your Youthful Strength - Reverse CurlsClarence Ross54
Learn These Terrifying Self-Defense SecretsJoe Weider57
Raymond Heneault - The Coming Mr CanadaJean-Charles St Mars61
Are Muscle Men Undersexed?Joe Weider65

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