Mr America, Volume 7 Number 3

Table of Contents

Gordon Case - Hollywood's New Physique SensationGene Mozee8
Three Top Champions Tell Mr America Readers How To Develop An Incomparable ChestDave Draper, Millard Williamson, Larry Scott13
The Magic Way Your Muscle GrowHarold Poole16
Triple Your Muscle Strength With FruitsDave Draper20
Quizzing The Stars On Techniques To Speed Muscle Growth28
Test Your Strength - The Farmer's Walk33
Spot Muscle And Power Building The Isometric Way!Chuck Sipes34
Savate Kicks French Starlet To Hollywood Fame!40
4 Champions Reveal Their Musclebuilding Tips To You42
How To Gain Bodybuilding WeightLarry Scott46
Editorial - Be More Alive In 6549
How To Make The Girls Go For You!Betty Weider50
Triple The Effectiveness Of Your Workouts With The Weider 3 in 1 Professional BenchHarold Poole52
You Can Smash A Rock With Your Bare Hand!54
Your Sex LifeRussell J Fornwalt57
Put THe Abdominals On Top Of Your Muscle Priority ListLarry Scott60
Here Are More Photos Of The Big Mr America - Mr Universe - Miss Ameriecana Show!98

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